Minor Eye Injuries

Eye Injury in Boise

EYE Damage Conditions Cared For at Our Optometry Clinic

It’s important to note that not every eye injury should be treated at a daily eye care clinic.

For a severe eye injury, you should call 911 or get to the nearest emergency room.

These include a ruptured eyeball, or suspected fractured eye socket (bone around the eye), or any eye-penetrating injury.

Many common, minor eye injuries can be treated safely at an optometrist’s office. These include eye conditions like:

A scratched eye.
It is amazing how the tiniest scratched cornea (corneal abrasion) can cause such itchy, irritated, watery eyes. Any eye lens scratch should be evaluated by a local family eye doctor to keep something like a cataract from forming due to the injury. Also, a corneal foreign body may have caused the scratch and only a proper doctor should remove a foreign object from an eye.
A hit in the eye.
This also needs treatment from an optometrist if you have significant eye swelling, bleeding, or your vision is blurry. An injured eye needs to be checked for a damaged or detached retina, or other things that can cause permanent eye damage.
Small foreign body in the eye or eyelid.
As noted above, only a proper doctor should remove a foreign object from an eye. An eye care specialist has the tools and education to remove the object safely and protect your vision from further damage due to eye infections or improperly removing the object.
Minor chemical irritant in the eye.
While industrial chemicals or other chemical burns to the eye should absolutely be treated at a hospital, more minor chemical irritation such as from an overly chlorinated pool can be treated at an eye clinic.
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