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Need Contact Lenses? See Our Optometrist in Boise!

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Whether you want to try out contact lenses for the first time or need an eye exam to update your existing contact lens prescription, Dr. Blake Bingham at Clear Eye Total Eye Care is here for you.

After an
affordable, comprehensive eye exam, you’ll have a prescription for contacts in-hand, as well as the assistance of an optician to help with reading your contact lens prescription and how to order the type of contact lenses best for your eyes and your lifestyle.
If you already use contact lenses, but are out and are unable to order contacts without a new prescription, please consider our
same-day or walk-in eye appointments.

Types of Contacts and Choosing Contacts vs. Glasses

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The types of contact lenses and the materials used have improved significantly since contacts came about. Early contacts were very hard and easily irritated wearers’ eyes. Now, there are several options for correcting vision besides
eyeglasses (however much we appreciate our trusty and trendy specs!) plus one or two types of contact lenses. Ophthalmologists have even expanded to surgical options like LASIK.

Once you’ve considered your options, and decided you want to try contacts, let Dr. Bingham know so that he can tailor your eye exam toward contact lens use. There are many brands and models of contact lenses which are specific to the wearer’s eye condition and lifestyle. Dr. Bingham can discuss these options with you in order to issue a
contact lens prescription  that will work best for you. you can move forward with our optician to discuss specific types of contacts. Besides choosing from many brand names--which may depend on your vision insurance plan or your budget (We can work with both!)--there are other elements that determine your choice.

Contact Lens Options include:

Soft Contact Lenses (Most Commonly Used Variety)

  • Extended Wear Contacts
  • Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lenses
  • Bi-weekly (14 Day) Disposable Contacts
  • Monthly (30 Day) Disposable Contacts
All of these factors can be discussed with our optician after your eye exam and we’re confident we can help you find what you need at a great price. We work with most common vision insurance companies and also offer free, in-house vision plans so we can offer affordable eye care without insurance.
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If you live in or around Boise, Eagle, or Meridian and need help with a contact lens prescription come see us at Clear Eye Total Eye Care in Boise.

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