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EYE Doctor in Boise Diagnosing and Correcting Astigmatism

The primary reason for a comprehensive eye exam is to evaluate for any eye diseases and to decide if there is any need for vision correction. If your eyesight is blurry (making you either nearsighted or farsighted), there can be many reasons (See our Eyecare Services page for more information), and astigmatism is one common cause.

Astigmatism is when the curvature of the cornea is not the same in all directions. The team at Clear Eye Total Eye Care, led by optometrist Dr. Bingham, is an excellent resource to assess your eye health, help determine if you have astigmatism, what type of astigmatism it is, and the best way to improve your eyesight.
Prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, and (rarely) surgery by an ophthalmologist may be required to get your vision where it should be.

TREAT Different Types of Astigmatism with Routine Eye Care

Astigmatism treatment

There are several types of astigmatism including:
  • Myopic astigmatism
  • Hyperopic astigmatism
  • Mixed astigmatism

Each of these types of astigmatism causes vision to be blurry up close (farsightedness) and far away (nearsightedness).
Astigmatism can also be classified as regular or irregular astigmatism, and also lenticular (astigmatism induced by the lens) or corneal astigmatism (induced by the cornea).

Whatever the type of astigmatism, most types can be treated fairly simply with an accurate
prescription for glasses or contacts from a good optometrist like Dr. Bingham.

In addition to an
excellent, affordable eye exam, Clear Eye Total Eye Care also has an optician who can help you navigate the world of vision insurance, inform you about our in-house vision plans for those who have no vision insurance, and then help you with choosing, buying, and adjusting new glasses or contact lenses in ways to keep eye care costs low.
In rare instances where astigmatism is severe enough for surgery (i.e.
keratoconus), Dr. Bingham works with an ophthalmologist to monitor your case and see you for follow-up vision care. He sees patients through from diagnosis through surgery recovery and onward.
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If you’re noticing that you’re not able to see as well as you used to, it’s time to call the eye care specialists at Clear Eye Total Eye Care in Boise, Idaho.

You can schedule your eye exam online, and unlike many other optometrist’s offices, we offer same-day and walk-in eye appointments, and encourage you to call (208) 629-8326 or come visit us today. Dr. Blake Bingham at Clear Eye Total Eye Care is a terrific resource to Boise, Meridian, and Eagle as an eye doctor who very much cares about his patients
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