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Comprehensive Eye Exams in Boise, ID

Comprehensive Eye Exams

At Clear Eye Total Eye Care, we offer comprehensive eye exams that include a thorough analysis of all aspects of your vision and eye health. We use state-of-the-art technology and the latest in diagnostic techniques to evaluate every aspect of the health and wellness of your eye.

The team at Clear Eye Total Eye Care is committed to providing the absolute best vision care possible. This starts with our comprehensive eye exams.

Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in the United States. Fortunately, according to the CDC, about 90% of diabetes-related vision loss can be prevented. For this reason it is crucial for all diabetic patients to have an annual diabetic eye exam.

An annual diabetic eye exam will allow for early detection and treatment for any conditions that may arise and go unnoticed.

Our diabetic eye exams provide the specific care needed for early detection and treatment.

Prescription Eyewear in Boise, ID


Clear Eye Total Eye Care is proud to offer a wide variety of eyewear to our patients. After determining your prescription, our talented opticians can help you select the perfect frames.

Whether you need a simple prescription lens or something more complex, our talented opticians can help you select the perfect frames.

Lasik pre and post operative care

LASIK surgery is a wonderful way to correct a variety of vision issues, including myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far sightedness), as well as astigmatism.

If you are interested in receiving LASIK, our team at Clear Eye Total Eye Care works with industry leaders to provide an exceptional co-management experience.

Schedule your initial appointment today to learn more about your surgical options for vision correction.

Ocular Disease Management

The doctors at Clear Eye Total Eye Care can diagnose, treat, and manage a variety of eye health conditions. These include:

Dry Eye
Macular Degeneration
Cataract (Pre and Post-op Care)
Diabetic Retinopathy
Spots and Floaters


If you have been experiencing problems with your vision, please make an appointment today. If you have been diagnosed with an eye conditions we would love the opportunity to treat you.

Other Services

Clear Eye Total Eye Care provides treatment for many other eye conditions including:

Eye Infections
Minor foreign body removal
Minor eye injuries
Reduction in Vision
Sudden loss of vision